Activities in Global-Local Education and Research Center

Prof. Keiji Ujikawa, Faculaty of Economics

SDGs and Active Learning/Project Based Learning in Local Studies

Active Learning in Local Studies

Learning about the basics of the local area. Omnibus lecture by professors, businessmen, government officers.
For example, Subjects “Kanagawa Local Studies” by YOKOHAMA SDGs Design Center;
“Future of our Kanagawa” by Kanagawa Prefecture SDGs Promotion Division;
Active Learning : Field Survey, Original “Town Planning Game”

Project Based Learning in Local Studies

The projects are active to solve the problem in local. Student can choose a project from about 20 projects. Activities in all of these projects are correspond to SDGs targets.

Examples of Local Community Innovation cases

Port city project in Shizuoka Prefecture (next to Kanagawa)

Practice of the Mobility Design in Yokohama City

Slow Vehicle

MaaS : Mobility as a Service

“Agridge” project near the University

Support project for Nepal

Disaster, developing country support after the Nepal earthquake