YNU Project for the Next-Generation Development of Seeds to Create a Sustainable Future through the Whole-University Approach: YNU ESD for Diversity

College of Education, The ESD Project

A Roadmap for 2021 – 2024


Networking for identifying ESD seeds and collaborators in YNU

Step 2

・From the development of teaching materials to lesson design

・Publishing through the YNU Press

・Releasing video teaching materials on website (experiments and class observations)

・Informing from YNU website

・Webinars for lesson design

Step 3

Creating lesson models

・Development of teaching practices at YNU affiliated schools and local schools in the prefecture

・Consultation for teachers

・Open lectures for teachers and the general public

・Collaboration with local schools to propose lesson models

Step 4

Nationwide expansion of YNU-originated ESD practices, worldwide dissemination, exchange with UNESCO schools overseas, and development of young leaders

・Open classes based on ESD perspectives at affiliated schools

・Exchange of good practices with UNESCO Schools in overseas

・Enrichment of undergraduate and graduate education

Reference: Prof. Kaoru Horiuchi (Chief of the Project)