Improvement of membrane filtration system —Design of filter and interface structure—

Assoc. Prof. Kazuho Nakamura, Faculty of Engineering Science

Membrane filtration is a promised technology as a key solution for the global water problem. However, the method has some technical issues such as fouling (performance degradation during use) and its improvement is inevitable for wide and global use. We have succeeded in understanding the complicated fouling phenomena by focusing on the electric double layer at the solid-liquid interface. Based on this understanding, we have developed the “pore size monitoring method” that is a powerful countermeasure for the issues in membrane technology and are trying a new idea in generating novel solid-liquid interface that directly reduces energy consumption of the process. For the development of high performance water treatment media, we have developed the 3D simulator for the characterization of spatial structure in the separation field and applied the design of high performance filter media. We are applying these developed technologies for the solution of the global water problem.

purification process
wastewater from dye factory
treated water