The 2nd Marine Ecolabel Japan Association Workshop “Aiming for Japan’s Seafood that shines worldwide” Chair’s Comments by Hiroyuki Matsuda on December 2019

Prof. Hiroyuki Matsuda, Faculty of Environmental and Information Sciences

We recognized the need for unique eco-labels that contribute to Japan’s rich nature, culture and industrial diversity, and the similarities and differences between the Westernized certifications in accordance with FAO guidelines and Japan’s certifications.

We recognized that the use of “Multi-task support System for Ecolabelling and Seafood Certifi-cation” (MuSESC) is effective for further improving the quality of responsible certification audits.

Scientists recognized the importance of collaborating with stakeholders in a field-oriented manner and playing a role of connecting the field with researchers, and between global and local.

We recognized the importance of operating a responsible scheme of MEL, continuing certification examinations and judgments, and transmitting them to the world, including Asia.

Fishers and aquaculture farmers at the site deepened their awareness, challenges, and approaches to responsible and sustainable fisheries, as well as their future prospects.

The participants in the market deepened their understanding of the marine products standards required by domestic and overseas markets.

From the consumer’s perspective, we recognized the criteria for certified seafood to be chosen by consumers and the importance of their role in achieving the SDGs.

Based on the above recognitions, certification bodies and scheme owners are responsible for reviewing the on-site efforts by Japanese producers. Scientists and other stakeholders provide advices for improvement and contribute to a sustainable society through the spread of eco-labels.

As a marine product with social value that is accepted at home and abroad, we will promote the provision of conventional delicious, fresh, economical, environmentally friendly and healthy marine products.

To achieve sustainable society, we will work as a One Team network from producers to consumers through processing, distribution, markets and retail stores.