If a Typhoon hits your town / Hourly wind directions

Prof. Hironori Fudeyasu, Faculty of Education

A typhoon simulated in cmap.dev
cmap.dev provids forecasts of the number of buildings damaged by the event of a natural disaster
If a typhoon hits Kanto district

Real time damage prediction: camp.dev
Fudeyasu’s research group together with Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance of the MS&AD Insurance Group and Aon Benfield Japan have been conducting joint industry-academia research on climate and natural disasters since fiscal 2018, and have launched the website ‘cmap.dev’, devoted to providing forecasts of the number of buildings damaged by municipality on a real-time basis in the event of a natural disaster, as one of the achievements stemming from the joint research. This website aims at contributing to both prompt gauging of scale of disaster in stricken areas and quick rescue and support activities. When a disaster is caused by typhoon, heavy rain, or earthquake, ‘cmap.dev’ can immediately indicate the likely number/percentage of buildings damaged in each municipality affected and reflect such on a map. In normal times, the ‘cmap.dev’ site can be used to conduct simulations of past typhoons and earthquakes and check weather conditions worldwide.

By analyzing the derived scenarios, we will reveal effective ways to introduce renewable energy as well as strategic plans to construct energy infrastructure for the future.