SDGs Game Workshop@YNU –Experiencing inter-relationships between the world and a self.

‘Global human resources and sustainable development’ course

On Thursday, January 16, 2020, the ‘2030 SDGs Game Workshop×Career Vision’ was held during Liberal Arts subject ‘Global human resources and sustainable development’ course at Yokohama National University. The ‘2030 SDGs Game’ is a multiplayer, in-person, card-based game that simulates taking the “real world” into the year 2030. Ms. Maki Abukawa who is a certified 2030 SDGs game facilitator provided the workshop with Ms. Kei Utsumi where 16 students and 14 staff participated.

In the process of achieving projects while managing scarce resources (e.g. time, funding), participants learned various approaches to problem-solving in the real world and they were able to experience a genuine connection between oneself and the world. The workshop was packed with answers to a wide range of questions, such as what is SDGs, where to start and how to reflect in everyday life or in the future. We hope that participants are more conscious about SDGs goals and contribute to a small step in changing society for better.