Yokohama National University Declaration on Gender Equality

June 2015

In accordance with its four fundamental principles of “Be Active,” “Be Innovative,” “Be Global” and “Be Open,” in order to promote the realization of a gender-equal society, Yokohama National University (YNU) declares it will steadily promote essential gender equality in its education, research, and employment based on the “YNU Basic Policy on Gender Equality.” YNU will undertake the following concrete efforts.

  1. Actively promote work-life balance
  2. Endeavor to provide support to enable compatibility between life events and research activities
  3. Promote career education for students grounded in gender equality
  4. Provide career support to researchers suspending their activities because of life events
  5. Promote gender equality in local communities through cooperation with other institutions

Yuichi Hasebe
President, Yokohama National University
June 2015